Irina Mihale
Senior Associate

With broad experience in dispute resolution and a master in European Law and International Affairs at Sorbonne University, Irina Mihale is Senior Associate at PBC Attorneys at Law. Next generation lawyer, she advises clients on complex litigation and business law matters, being a multifaceted-experienced lawyer.

Her expertise covers a wide range of practices - from civil and commercial litigation, arbitration, public acquisitions and public procurement, construction and real estate, corporate M&A, intellectual property, forced execution and insolvency procedures. She represents clients in court cases, mediation and arbitration proceedings, managing all aspects of the process - from strategy development and document preparation to conducting trails and ensuring the success for her clients. As well, she represents corporate and individual taxpayers in relation with the tax authorities.

Among her significant public procurement projects, Irina Mihale represented leading global construction companies in complex acquisition procedures related to infrastructure projects, including a highway construction and the building of a railway track in Romania, related to 9-figure public contracts. Recently, she assisted and represented a concessionaire of public services in various acquisition procedures.

In the real estate area, she advised and represented an important investment fund in arbitration proceedings related to the development of a commercial centre in Bucharest, and represented a public authority in arbitration procedures in connection with the execution of FIDIC agreements. She also successfully represented high profile individuals in real estate cases, related to property restitution, forced execution or de facto - expropriation cases (obtaining high-figures compensations).

In the intellectual property area, she successfully represented and was involved in the trial strategy of one of the most challenging court cases, representing the largest collective management organization in Romania for the performers’ music rights in relation with the Romanian Copyright Office and other bodies in the field of copyrighting, licensing and monitoring.

In corporate litigation, she assisted a leading fashion producer and retailer in court cases related to the enforcement of financial agreements between business partners, and in bankruptcy and insolvency area, she advised one of the largest agriculture company in Romania in forced execution and insolvency procedures for debt recovery.