Sebastian Drumaru

Next generation lawyer, Sebastian Drumaru is Partner at PBC Attorneys at Law and one of the few millennial litigators with expertise in both dispute resolution cases and business law consultancy.

Experienced in real estate, corporate M&A, tax, commercial and public procurement, he has been involved in some of the most complex cases and projects of the law firm, assisting high profile individuals and top-tier companies in court cases and legal consultancy matters

In dispute resolution area, Sebastian assisted clients in over 100 litigation and arbitration cases, having experience in civil and commercial litigation such as real estate litigation, forced execution, administrative law, tax disputes, corporate litigation and arbitration. He approaches cases with meticulous preparation, critical thinking and detailed understanding of the facts, context and the desired outcome

Sebastian Drumaru advises clients in relation to corporate and commercial matters, tax and regulatory compliance, real estate and agriculture, and represents clients before the public authorities on several complex civil and corporate matters - including tax authorities, commercial authorities, urbanism authorities.

Among his relevant work, Sebastian assisted a leading agriculture company in Romania in multiple corporate litigation cases on behalf of a group of shareholders in connection with their ownership and management rights. In the real estate and construction industries, Sebastian Drumaru has been involved in several 8-figure projects, being experienced in urban planning and development, title investigations and land use disputes, commercial leases, real estate partnerships disputes, property restitution, acquisitive prescription, forced execution, successions. He recently represented an important investment fund in court cases related to property restitution and special application of the restitution laws.

In tax disputes he represented an investment fund before the Bucharest Court of Appeal in connection with their VAT deduction and reimbursement rights - a fiscal dispute of 4 million Euros. He successfully represented an agriculture company in a 2 million Euro-litigation for the suspension of a National Tax Authority decision.

In Corporate M&A sector, Sebastian Drumaru advised clients on public and private merger, acquisition matters and corporate transactions, including joint ventures, investments, and company divisions. He offered consultancy and due diligence services to companies in IT, agriculture, real estate and construction industries. In retail and real estate areas, he advised clients on land use and property rights, third-party agreements, selling or leasing of historical monument-buildings, and leasing agreements within commercial centres.

He acted as counsel in various Public Procurement projects, assisting and representing State-owned institutions and companies in public acquisition procedures, negotiations and public procurement contracts.