The founding partners – Paul Pop, Traian Briciu and Adriana Crai – have 25 years of experience in high-stakes dispute resolution cases, as well as in real estate, corporate M&A, public procurement, tax, commercial, intellectual property, and labour. Recognised for their successful track record, they are deeply involved in clients’ matters, bringing their insightful knowledge to each client, case, trial or project.

Integrated approach

In boardroom and courtroom, PBC Attorneys at Law finds legal solutions to turn any crisis into an opportunity and an opportunity into a success. By integrating its areas of practices and engaging attorneys with complex expertise and know-how, the law firm offers a multidisciplinary approach to clients who are facing legal challenges or opportunities.

PBC Attorneys at Law applies a holistic vision when solving complex matters. Before advancing a solution, its lawyers analyze all sides of the issue, clients’ business, and industry regulation. If specialized practitioners form a team to solve multifaceted projects, at PBC each attorney is that team. Trained in multiple disciplines of law, they use systemic thinking and consider all dimensions of the project to reach to a conclusion. This multifaceted approach has brought high rates of success to clients.

Tailored approach

PBC Attorneys at Law tailors its strategy to each partner and project. Digging deeply into their knowledge, they extract the best legal solutions for clients and crystallize them in a unique manner.

Partnering with national holdings, multinationals, investment funds, public institutions or high-profile individuals, the law firm doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all legal solutions. They believe in preparing distinct, personalized, and effective solutions. After 25 years and hundreds of successful cases, one thing is crystal clear: there is no such thing as a “recipe for success”.