The long-term business overview, the unique perspective over the legal implications, as well as the multidisciplinary approach - based on their solid experience in business law and dispute resolution - gave PBC the freedom to act in complex, multifaceted projects within various practices and industries.

Their capabilities cover a wide range of practices from real estate, corporate/M&A, public procurement, tax, commercial to intellectual property and labour. PBC actively participate in each phase of the transaction/ contract together with their clients. Over time, they demonstrated some of the most efficient and innovative tactics to achieve the desired results.

Real Estate, Construction & Retail
PBC Attorneys at Law has in-depth experience in a large number of significant real estate, construction and retail projects, including transactions, joint ventures, urban planning and permits , construction agreements and leasing agreements. With expertise in financing, negotiating credits and mortgage contracts, as well as in financial litigation, their team has been involved in various real estate transactions and projects’ development.
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Corporate M&A
PBC Attorneys at Law represented a large number of corporations and shareholders in complex corporate and M&A litigation projects, in many cases acting both as legal counsels and litigators. Their lawyers have considerable experience, being involved in some of the most complex litigated sale and merger transactions and in a wide range of disputes among majority and minority shareholders.
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Public Procurement
Their expertise in the public procurement area is in-depth; PBC Attorneys at Law has comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in numerous complex projects and in a wide range of public services matters - acting both as legal counsels and litigators.
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Having experience both in legal consultancy on labour matters and in employment litigation, PBC Attorneys at Law provides a rigorous approach to personnel contracting, hiring, leasing or to collective lay-offs programs, managing in an effective manner the employers’ and employees’ issues and projects.
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