Their expertise in the public procurement area is in-depth; PBC Attorneys at Law has comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in numerous complex projects and in a wide range of public services matters – acting both as legal counsels and litigators.

Concessions contracts, public acquisitions, European funding procedures, public procurement litigation and arbitration.
Among PBC Attorneys at Law projects

Advised a public services concessionaire in Bucharest on numerous public procurement and acquisition matters

Advised healthcare institutions with European funding procedures for acquiring and integrating technology within three hospitals

Advised and represented leading global construction companies in public procurement procedures for building infrastructure projects such as a highway and a railway track

We offered legal consultancy on various matters of public procurement of services, review of public financing contracts, drafting contracts and additional documents for public financing, drafting contracts for movable property

Advised public institutions regarding the granting of non-reimbursable financing for cultural projects, programs and actions, according to OG 51/1998.

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