PBC Attorneys at Law covers a wide range of administrative issues – from real estate, public procurement, tax to the management of the documents released by various national and local authorities. Every year, their lawyers are involved in hundreds of cases related to administrative documents and governmental decisions.

Administrative proceedings for obtaining/challenging licenses, permits, zoning decisions, governmental and local decisions, public documentation; conflict of interests, and management of the documents released by the National Agency of Integrity, National Council for Combating Discrimination, National Council for Solving Complaints and other public institutions.
Among PBC Attorneys at Law projects

Represented corporate and individual clients in challenging the decisions of the public municipality in relation to real estate and urban development

Advised a public company in challenging the decision of the National Authority of Regulation in Public Services - among many other public companies and public institutions assisted in litigation proceedings related to the administrative decisions released by the local authorities

Represented clients in litigations regarding the annulment of decisions issued by the National Council for Combating Discrimination for acts that fall under the incidence of GO no. 137/2000

Represented high-profile individuals in litigation cases challenging incompatibility reports drawn up by the National Agency for Integrity.

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